Guerrilla Cambridge is no more, Killzone killed off

The day after Microsoft cancel's Platinum's Scalebound game, Sony decides it can play too by axing the entire Guerrilla Cambridge Studio, the team behind the Vita's mighty Killzone Mercenary, which received plenty of post-launch love and attention from the team, which was around 80 strong.

Originally responsible for the great fun Medievil series, they also knitted up LittleBigPlanet for the PSP. More recently they launched the awesome-looking RIGS for PlayStation VR and seemed like a team with a future, especially with Sony raking in the cash from huge PS4 sales. They were hiring coders only a few short months ago, the Amsterdam Studio remains open and hiring, perhaps some folk will end up there.

Another developer knifed by Sony 
Still, corporate pencil-pushers lurk everywhere and the team has been cut and shut. About the only upside is some of that Vita dev experience might go indie or find its way into other teams who may have a plan or two. Also, we might find via the leavers what, if any, plans Sony or GC had for sequels or future titles that never made it out of the planning room.

Good luck finding new jobs everyone at GC, which is at least located in a fairly lively part of the country for game studios. A few questions do present themselves...

1. Is Sony ditching first party development for PlayStation VR already? Cause that really helped the Vita's cause?

2. Are the servers for Killzone Mercenary going to stay alive, were they at GC or buried in Sony's data centres?

3. While PlayStation 4 has helped Sony as a whole back into profit, are the years of heavy losses across the business still limiting its gaming side?