All the (old) Final Fantasys on one Vita card?

Oddest story of the day is the news that Square is releasing Final Fantasy I to IX in one bundle to celebrate the series' anniversary. Given most JRPG fans will have played through them a few times over by now, is this really a good idea?

Crisis Core, will you ever come back to us? 
I played FF I and II on UMD on my PSP, VII on the original PlayStation (many years ago) and then Crisis Core (missing again from this Anniversary Edition) on PSP. Can I really be bothered with the others? Will the fact later versions are the more recent updates going to make this more interesting? Will they fit on one card, or is Square going to con people into some downloads?

There will be a limited edition, but only the PS4 is getting the super-duper version with statues, plushes and more. More info over on VGLeaks.


  1. You can already buy I-IX on PSN and many of the mobile ports are based on the PSX releases, I guess if you don't own them already it's a nice thing to have?
    Some of the mobile ports are kinda ugly, I'd rather play FF 6 PSOne version that the mobile one... ICK!


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