Vita games on show at #PSX16

Remember, Sony doesn't do handhelds. So, why not take yours to PlayStation Experience in Anaheim this year and remind them about it. Even better take thousands of photocopies of a Vita and leave them all over the show floor with a "Missing!" logo over it.

No one is expecting any Vita news from Sony, but there are a few blank slots in the presentation line up, just in case anyone believes in miracles. Last year we got Hitman Go plus Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle, so a couple more games along those lines would be welcome

On the plus side, some Vita games will be on show, tucked away in basements or back rooms. Check out Fallen Legion for one and Cosmic Star Heroine. Will update if any more stick their head out of the secret entrance. Heart Forth Alicia, Shakedown: Hawaii, Salt and Sanctuary, Jenny LeClue among others will be there in some form, and I expect Limited Run will have some news.

UPDATE: Ska has confirmed that Salt and Sanctuary for Vita will be on show.

UPDATE:  Vita supporters Greg and Colin from the PS I Love You podcast will be doing a live show, so expect some Vita love from them. 12:00pm on 4th December! We can join in the fun on a livestream.