Take a peek at Oceanhorn running on a Vita, Morphite may follow

FDG Entertainment promised us a port back in September, due to great response from Vita owners, and here it comes. Oceanhorn in action, looking gorgeous on an OLED Vita screen. Being ported by Engine Software, the sizeable iOS adventure still probably has a long way to go before release, but this early shot would fill the most cynical gamer with heart.
UPDATE: The developer has also confirmed a physical release through Limited Run Games!

At a tangent, but still on the subject of Twitter posts, I was sharing some #screenshotsaturday (regardless of Vita-ness) pics at the weekend and one was taken up by another Vita fan. It resulted in a volley of activity - ending up on Reddit and other places, plus a comment from the developer. Its only a "it might" for 3d low-poly shooter Morphite from Crescent Moon Games for now, but who knows where it could end, especially if the Vita community shows plenty of interest.
This also highlights the value of asking politely when developers are showing their wares about the possibility of a Vita version. I regularly check in with them, and it can't hurt if others do the same.

Morphite coming to Vita might depend on sales of the The Deer God, which arrives early next year, also involving Crescent Moon, so make sure you pick that game up!

UPDATE: Morphite doesn't run well on the Vita at all, so the developers decided to not bring it over. Guess that means most low-poly titles are still too much for the handheld, either due to Unity or other issues.