Meet the new characters in Steins Gate 0

Steins Gate 0 sees the return of the crazy gang in the gadget lab, but they have a whole new bunch of people to worry about in this new adventure. The original is simply an epic piece of storytelling, and well worth putting up with the slow start to go through the trauma and shock of the sharp end of the time travel adventure. Here are the new guys...

Not ‘the’ Kurisu, ‘a’ Kurisu. This is the Kurisu of Amadeus, all her thoughts and memories in an AI program that Okabe can interact with.

Maho Hiyajo
A senior at the same university that Kurisu attended in the United States – and an old friend. She looks very young and is often mistaken as a child, despite being in her twenties. She works for Alexis Leskinen and visits Japan with him.

Alexis Leskinen
University professor and mentor of Makise Kurisu and an expert in research in brain function. He brings his assistant Maho to Japan to give lectures on the Amadeus System.

Yuki Amane
A good friend of Mayuri and a character who’s predestined to be involved with one of the original cast. She’s a big fan of cosplay.

Kagari Shiina
Her real parents and real name are unknown. She is the adopted daughter of Mayuri – who takes her under her wing after meeting her through her work at an orphanage.

Judy Reyes
Psychology Research Institute professor and a colleague of Leskinen. She has a fairly blunt, straight talking personality.

Katsumi Nakase
Sporty and athletic, she does have a more girly side through her persona ‘Fubuki’ – a fellow cosplayer and friend of Mayuri.

Kaede Kurushima
The last of Mayuri’s cosplaying friends and she makes costumes for Mayuri.

The new STEINS;GATE 0 characters combine with the original cast in an alternate, darker world-line. Can the Future Gadget Lab members come together with their new friends and save humanity?