Vita shopping guide for Christmas

If you're searching for a new Vita for the holidays, either as an upgrade, a kid's present or a Remote Play gadget for your PS4, then this is the place to find the best deals. I'll also cover the top games and best priced memory cards.

Scroll down for the Vita buying guide if you're new to the world of Sony's handheld.

UPDATE: This article is rapidly turning into the "where the hell can I buy a new Vita?" page, any updated offers below, newest at the top.... if you know where to buy a new Vita, please let me know. It looks like stores will not be getting any stocks once they are sold out!


Vita Slim Lego Star Wars Bundle €199


Target Stores have the Vita discounted to $139 (SOLD OUT)
Woot has an open box offer for the Vita at $89 (SOLD OUT)
Amazon has new Vita consoles (third party seller) in stock for $199 (UPDATE - SOLD OUT)
UPDATE: Amazon US has new stock, but the price is going up (by $10 so far), very limited stock.

Smyths has the PS Vita LEGO Action Heroes Pack for £175. (Out of stock everywhere, and the company comfirms no more are coming)
GAME Stores have some stock of the LEGO Action Heroes Pack for £169. (UPDATE - Sold out)
Amazon UK are out of stock of new Vita systems, used models only.
Argos has stock of LEGO bundles from £179 (SOLD OUT) some cheap games tho
Gameseek (Out of stock)
Checked many indie stores - no sign of any fresh stock.

EB Games has lots of titles going cheap

Buying Guide for PlayStation Vita

In terms of stock, no one seems to know (and Sony won't say) how long the Vita will remain on shelves for. Also, be aware that with the price of the UK pound still free-falling, UK retail prices could soon go up. The only advice on that basis is - get one while you can!

Certainly in the States, reports suggest they are few and far between, while here in the UK, online seems to be the place to shop. Individual consoles seem pretty thin on the ground, unless you want to go second hand, with plenty on eBay or through Amazon resellers. But there are still a few new bundles to be had, which nets you a memory card and a bunch of games.

NOTE: Some reviewers say these aren't coming with the 8GB memory card - do check it is included before you buy, and return it pronto if it doesn't! 

Don't buy a Vita expecting the latest western big-name games, Sony and major western developers have long since abandoned the Vita, but even launch games like Uncharted still stand up incredibly well. One-time Vita exclusives like Gravity Rush and Danganronpa may well now be coming to other formats, but the portable versions are still the go-to editions.

There are still 100s of indie and Japanese games still to come for the Vita running into 2018, and with a cheap back catalogue, second hand scene, and plenty of PSN sales - a new Vita will still provide a life time of gaming.


Since 2014, all Vita models have had a LCD display, if you can find an original 1000-class model new, then that has a blacker, brighter screen, with more pop. But the difference isn't massive and if you buy a new 2000-class model, you won't know there was ever a difference.

Vita Memory Cards

Despite their outrageous pricing, Sony has never noticeably cut the cost of memory cards for the Vita. The rule is buy the biggest you can afford, a 32-GB model will store plenty of games. The 64-GB models are Japanese imports as they were never officially released here.

Amazon has a range of cards or bundled cards with download codes for games, like the Disney or Mega packs to spice things up a bit, ideal if you are getting them for a gift, as the basic cards are pretty tiny and pointless on their own.

There's a suggestion that the 64-GB cards corrupt more easily than the others, so always keep a back up of you games and saves on a PC.

Grips and Docks

The Vita has a range of cases from hard plastic to canvas. There are also some grips available that can make it more comfortable to use, and add triggers to save tapping the rear screen on some games. They range from dirt cheap to modestly priced, just remember to check they are for your model of Vita - some generic types cater for both.

My launch day model has survived a few drops and bumps, but you definitely need a comfy case for road trips and travel, also somewhere to keep game cards is very handy to save rooting through your game cases.

Games and Content

I won't tell you what games to buy, there probably over 1,300 Vita titles so far. From PS one (100+), PlayStation Portable (250+) and Vita (650+) games available, depending on your region. Since it doesn't get the latest big-name games, you can spend plenty of time diving in and out of the back catalogue, with many games available cheap in retail and PSN sales.

When it comes to buying for children, the many LEGO games are perfect choices, as are Minecraft and Dragon Quest Builders for keeping them occupied with fun construction and adventuring. Ambient arcade games like Flower and Entwined also have appeal, while the likes of Fez, Lumo and Thomas Was Alone will appeal to older children.

Check my reviews to find games that match your interests. Here's a what to get in 2017 piece, if you wnat to think long term. Do note that some Vita games are available in physical form from stores, others are only available to download from PSN.

Physical copies could well increase in value over the years, and will boost the value of your Vita collection if you ever decide to sell it. Buy those if possible, especially if they are Limited Run titles with small production runs. Going physical will also save you messing about with lots of expensive memory cards as that collection grows.

The Vita is still very much a viable proposition for a gaming fan who's not just after the latest Call of Duty. With a gold mine of quality titles, it might not be for everyone, but it has the best gaming community since the Dreamcast and it annoys the hell out of Sony every time someone buys one, so go on!


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