Tips for Criminal Girls 2 Party Favors inc. First Area Maze Hell 4F

Criminal Girls 2 is a pretty fun RPG, if you overlook the spanking, I'll fill this page out with tips and tricks as I go. Check back for more updates.

The blindingly obvious tip for this game is grind, grind and grind again, as you generally need to have mastered the latest set of skills offered by Motivating the girls to get past the end of level boss.

In the shop, stock up on Group Heals for the appropriate level, and keep a couple of MP Charges to hand, although these often come from winning battles or chests.

On the later levels, there is rarely a Camp at the start of the next level, so go back a bit and save before you get side-swiped by a new nasty.

The two most useful Field Skills are:
  • Shinoa's Intuition that tells you how many treasure chests are on a level.
  • Lily's Tread Lightly that will help you avoid encounters with annoying low level or challenging creatures when you just want scoot around. 

When you get to the Sunken World levels, every time you have to look for one of the character's items, they will show up on the Portal Menu with an exclamation mark for quick and easy recovery.

In combat, when opponents start getting tough, try out each character and their range of spells against the baddie. There's usually one that will do greater than average damage. Failing that poison works well on most, including some boss characters.

Most of the levels are pretty easy to navigate. However, the annoying mazes including Secret Area Girl's Garden 4F and First Area, Maze Hell 4F with its teleports can be annoying. This map figures shows which teleports link or which direction (yellow arrows) you need to go in to get to the right spots on the map (yellow dots) to claim all the chests.
Note the locked door accessible by the red teleport can only opened during Kuroe's last Girl's Wish trial, so don't go looking for a key on the map.