Rogue Raiders Online coming along spectacularly

If you're a Vita owner, for God's sake, follow the work of Rogue Raiders Online, from Cristina Ramos (aka Dangerous Alone). From the very first test shots, the game has looked something special, amazingly so considering it is largely the work of a single coder.

The game's mission statement describes it as a love letter to the Vita, and it certainly looks like it. Of course only gameplay will show if it lives up to that ambition, but there's every reason to be optimistic, something that's in short supply with a growing list of canned ports.

Hopefully, this project will prove to others what the Vita can do, and perhaps inspire others to try. Either way, it gives us a lot of positivity, which is something worth sharing, so tweet, share and post about this Rogue Raiders Online and let the world know! Expect a Kickstarter campaign soon!