Project Classic hopes to bring open world platforming to the Vita

It really does look like the Vita fan base is taking ownership of the handheld (seems rude to call it a Sony device these days).  Here's a first early look at a project being created by Vita fans.

UPDATE: The game now has a work-in-progress title of Warped

UPDATE: Here's a first WIP screen from the PS4, with word from the developer that the game is increasing in scope and features, with a full announcement expected in December. They describe it as "as the world of Rime with the vulgarity of Conker."

They say, "Project Classic is a PlayStation Vita game for Vita owners created by Vita owners. It will be reminiscent of classic 3D platforming games." In development for a month now, they plan a late 2017, early 2018 release.