Fate Extella limited edition Vita for Japan

With the slight delay in the west, Fate Extella continues to build up some hype in Japan with LE PS Vita and PS4 models available on the Sony Store for pre-order. To be honest I prefer the PS4 edition which is a rather more stylish and mature. Then again, knowing Japan's penchant for anything cute, I guess it will sell out pretty quickly, this is one of several style Vita models on offer.

Not sure if Vita sales from Sony's store end up counting to overall sales in the Media Create chart. The Vita will get a boost from the new colours in December, but it needs more to get over a million for the year, and these niche efforts don't seem to help much. Guess we'll find out when the Marvelous battling game goes onsale 10th November.

And, if that isn't enough there's a new trailer out too, with more sword wielding madness and special effects.