Exist Archive crosses EU PSN to The Other Side of the Sky

Spike and Tri-Ace RPG Exist Archive, translated by the kind folk at Aksys is now available in the west, with a blend of 3D, 2D and what looks like hand-drawn art. The 3.2GB game, subtitled The Other Side of the Sky is an RPG where Kanata and friends have been imbued with pieces of the dark god, Yamatoga's soul.

To find out why they have this curse/gift, they are sent to Protolexa, battling enemies while searching for teammates, completing quests and side events. The game features 50 hours of gameplay, Dual voice with both English and Japanese, power ups, skill customizations, hidden dungeons and secret items.

The game is currently £26 for PS+ subscribers. If you don't have 3GB spare the retail version is rather more expensive, as a US import, since there's no EU retail version.