Archiving the PlayStation Vita

What the heck? You might say. But don't worry, we all know the Vita has a good couple of years in it yet. Even so, I was having a go at collecting up all the images of limited and collector edition games, plus all the various PS Vita models and bundles out there.

That was scary stuff, going through five years of blog posts, I noticed quite a few images and videos from years ago stories are already vanishing from the net. So, making a complete archive is going to take a lot of effort. Then, there's products I missed and might never locate, that's an adventure in itself.

I was also planning on putting all the PS Vita physical release box art in one place, but that would take an entire day or longer, so I'll keep that one for deep midwinter.

Still, if you have a minute, dive into the Pinterest pages I'm building up, and experience Vita history as it continues to grow and create its own unique niche in gaming.