A first look at Berserk on the Vita

Having done a pretty decent job with Attack on Titan, the early looks at Berserk: Band of the Hawk had me wondering how Team Ninja could get that working on the Vita. Again, there was no need for concern, as it looks pretty smooth, if a little muddy with more muted lighting than the big-screen version.

Obviously, this could be the high-effort first level and the game could badly fall down later on, but Berserk is yet more proof that the Vita has plenty of power in it, even if this is just a reskinned AoT game with some new tweaks, now characters don't have to fly through the air at high speed! The game is out in Japan next week and comes west in 2017.

Just for comparison here's the latest clip from the PS4 version in action, having a boss fight.