Supermagical and Stranded near Vita launch

Tama Games is a small but dedicated Spanish publisher with a string of cool games behind it (okay, maybe not Fart vs. Zombies). However, Stranded, Odyssey on the Red Planet and the bubble popping SuperMagical, updates to popular mobile titles, are currently with Sony for QA testing, suggesting imminent launches.
SuperMagical from Super Mega Team borrows from the awesome Bust A Move games, but should still be an awesome fun puzzle and adventure game, where you’ll visit tons of magical places, meet cool characters, and cook amazing spells.

Stranded sees your spacecraft crash on the surface of Mars, with all your equipment lost. With a spacesuit and a limited amount of oxygen, your only hope of escape is to reach the rescue module before the air supply runs out!
They may not be among the awesome big name and high-end indies hitting the Vita this time of year, Still, spare a thought and some cash for them, and we may get more games like the upcoming Escape from the Pyramid heading our way. More details on the Tama website.