Square's Collective may offer a Vita version for Legend of Lumina

Looking not too dissimilar to Square's own Dragon Quest Builders, Legend of Lumina from Apex Frontier is all about farming, monster raising and adventuring. The game is up for your vote on Square's Collective Page.

Vote for a Vita version and it could come our way, one day. The game is in the early stages of development, and built in Unity, but looks like it would fit well on Sony's portable, so sign up and give it some love.

UPDATE: This project has been scrapped due to legal issues between the investors and developers. A new project should be announced soon!

Of the other new additions to the Collective list, A Dragon Named Coal has a 3DS option, so you may want to politely encourage the developers in the direction of a Vita edition for the smart looking 2D Castlevania type game.