Sony will show PS Vita at Tokyo Game Show

Just in case you thought Sony had completely forgotten about its little legacy system, here's a list of announced titles the company will be helping its partners (who can still be bothered to develop for it) show off at TGS.

Star Wars came out only recently in Japan, while the others will soon to grace the portable's screen. The mid-September show might have a few reveals for the Vita, but Sony's own focus will be firmly on PS VR.

Third Party Publishers
  • Konami will be showing off ArtDink's Neo Atlas 1469 and a new game they are publishing, but not developing, Drive Girls.
  • Square will have more news on Saga Scarlet Grace, which we first found at last year's show. 
  • Koei will show off big hitters Atelier Firis and Berserk, along with recently revealed Blue Reflection and Nights of the Azure 2 plus a couple of other Vita titles.
  • Bandai will show off Macross on its own stage, along with SAO: Hollow Realization.
  • Sega has Valkyria: Azure Revolution on show and is hosting 5pb's Anonymous;Code and YU-NO, along with NIS' Money Hungry Princess
D3 definitely has a pair of unannounced titles in the works, some, all or none of which could be for the Vita. Check back for more updates as the show approaches.