No Digimon World Next Order for western Vita owners

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Bandai officially now on everyone's shitlist by retracting its earlier update (according to Gematsu) and going back to the PS4 only release. 

Make of that what you will, either Gematsu is taking the piss (and I never saw an update from Bandai), but given the publisher only recently released God Eater 2 to a positive reception, I fail to see how it loses out by bringing a Vita version of a JP Vita game, with the voice-over already done for the PS4 version, to the western audience.

UPDATE: Bandai has backtracked (according to Gematsu) and promised a Vita release for 2017! Put the pitchforks down people! 

After all of this week's good news out of Japan, there was bound to be some bad. And here comes the kick on the teeth. It has been announced by Bandai that the new Next Order title will be PS4 only in the west.

No word from Bandai EU yet, so there's still a glimmer. UPDATE: No, same story in the EU - will start asking some questions as to why. - I've made inquiries at Bandai to see what the situation and background is.
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. the premier publisher of anime videogames today announces Digimon World: Next Order is coming to the Americas exclusively in digital form for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.
That's despite Digmon Story Cyber Sleuth being one of the best selling Vita games of the year, according to PSN charts, and one of the best rated and most loved titles for Vita owners. Seriously, I've seen endless playthroughs, hundreds of screen shares of people with their finest Digimon and so much love for the game.

So, either the Vita's best sales aren't good enough for corporate Bandai, or this is part of a wider ranging ploy by Sony and friends to sunset (as they like to call it) the Vita in the west during 2017.

Let's go with the online noise, petitions and so on, but I'm fairly sure it won't make much difference. Bandai's resources are finite and I'm sure it wants to focus them on PS4 and PSVR titles. After SAO Hollow Realization, I don't think Bandai has anything big planned (Chroma Squad not really counting), so this could be the end of the company's western Vita efforts.

Ta ta Telltale

Getting more bad (but hardly surprising) news out the way, it also seems that TellTale has given up on the Vita. A much-liked and retweeted request and email to them has met with no response, so I'll strip all of their previously announced titles out of the release list.