Claire is scared on the Vita

What is is with lost little girls, these days? We've got Yomawari lost at night and now a port of the PC retro indie 2D survival horror game is headed to the Vita, due out next week (30 August) as Cross Buy with the PS4 version.

The game has picked up a PEGI rating recently, so shouldn't be too far off. Other than that, not much news from the port team or developers, Hailstorm, but keep an eye out for Claire, especially if you loved the likes of Lone Survivor.

Note from the developer: There will be a "day one" patch, covering bugs we found after we submitted it to Sony. We really want this to go as smooth as possible. With more people playing there's bound to be something that happens that we probably never even would have thought to test. We promise to fix everything you guys find / that we can. It might not happen that same day, as we might wait a week to "round them all up". But it will be addressed. You can always contact me here or on twitter ( @HailstormDavid ) to let me know if you found something.