Zero Time Dilemma doesn't tick in Japan

No wonder this game came west first, the third Zero Escape title managed just 5,375 sales on the Vita in Japan, supported by 3,900 on the 3DS, leaving it near the bottom of the Media Create chart. That's after Caligula failed to impress last week. To be fair, its never sold in huge numbers there. With no physical release to speak of in the west (pre-orders unfulfilled etc), its down to digital sales to help give the series a heroic send off. Will be interesting to see how 999 remastered does!

With that bust, Vita sales dipped down another 500 on the week, down to 11,400. Out this week to spice things up are True Fashion God 2. Next week is more interesting with Uppers and Legend of Heroes 3rd Evolution hitting shelves.