PS Vita still on Sony Japan's radar

In an interview with 4Gamer, Atsushi Morita president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan pretty much toed the party line about the Vita. When asked about the no-show at E3. He put that down as thanks to its struggles in America.

However, there's certainly no sign of the company killing it off, as many people like to claim.

Paraphrasing from the article via autotranslate:
4Gamer:  Will PlayStation Vita ever see a successor?
Morita said:  There is no thing that I can answer at this point. However, the PlayStation Vita, I think will be able to able to expand still more. It has a wide range of audiences in Japan from adults to children, where it can still grow further, thanks to Minecraft and Dragon Quest Builders.

So, expect a good couple more years effort on the Vita thanks to its undying third party support and rabid fans in the west.  A shame he didn't commit any Sony developer support to its own device, but with another million units likely to be sold this year, there's still interest in the hardware.