Mary Skelter leaps in to action with a range of classes

Meet the girls who will form your RPG squad in this new look at Mary Skelter. They have a wider range than usual of jobs or roles to make them useful (or not) in battle. I mean will the "therapist" have time to whip out a couch when your team is struck by fear? There's the usual fighters and mages among the herd, and of course, every adventure needs a poet to crank out some epic rhymes about your quests!

Some pics of the girl's trades on the game site. Whatever the fluff it looks like a pretty solid RPG with a decent and non-generic line up of monsters to fight. I do live the intro piano tunes and that rush strings piece, hope the rest of the soundtrack maintains this level.

The Vita exclusive game is out in October in Japan, no sign of a western release, yet, but it looks like the kind of game that could do well over here.