Adventures in #screenshotsaturday

Slowly but surely indie devs around the world are working hard on games, some of which are heading to the Vita. Regardless of format, the creativity is staggering - check out dozens of games incubating away here (it runs into #screenshotsunday too).

Remember to help back the Vita games up for funding here.

Loads of voxel-based games are in progress that shoulda/coulda/woulda be an easy port to Vita, if a developer is suitably encouraged. But the game that most struck me as awesome was Racing Apex (Kickstarter on hold), which is probably too complex for Sony's ageing hardware. It looks like an earlier gen version of the lost-in-dev-hell 90s Arcade Racer, but surely someone can do a Virtua Racing-style game that would run well?

Anyway, definitely coming to the Vita: click for a few more pics from Infinite State for their gorgeous looking Wing Kings, with the game new getting a day/night cycle and a pretty setting sun.

And, going back to racers, here's the latest on Drift Stage hopefully hitting the Vita eventually...

Roguelike Children of Morta is coming on well, giving me a nice Diablo vibe with some insane spells in your armoury.