MilitAnt kicks ass for the insects

This has been in development for a couple of years now, created by Xibalba Studios for the PlayStation 4 and Vita. MilitAnt is a fast twitch side scrolling action platform game, arriving on July 12th for $9.99.

UPDATE: here's a new gameplay trailer of the aerial action scenes:

It sees the ant colony, deep underground, guarding their most precious resource: Crystalite. This rare mineral serves as the chief fuel behind most modern Insect technology, from day-to-day tools to advanced weaponry.
Trade among the many kingdoms has brought about long years of peace and prosperity, with the Ants leading the way. Not everyone has been pleased with this uneven balance of power. In recent times, the more envious factions have been gaining influence. Tensions grow. War seems to loom on the horizon.

MilitAnt opens with a sudden invasion. Termites have overrun the Ants’ colony! All seems lost. And yet, one brave Ant warrior rises to the challenge, striking back. That would be you bug-eyes!