Dragon Quest Heroes II rips up the Media Create chart

The PS4 and the increasingly olde Vita battle out again for dominance of the Japanese Media Create chart. With PS4's stronger growth in sales, it will be more of a surprise to see a Vita version win this battle, and that's how it proves as Dragon Quest Heroes II takes centre stage.

With all the marketing focused around the PS4 version, it managed to shift 185K, compared to the Vita's 120K. However, that's still plenty to keep Sony's portable high up the list of priorities for Japanese third-party developers.

The other new entry, Cladun Sengoku makes a pretty poor start to life, at under 4.5K, perhaps the Japanese are falling out of love with the humble pixel?

01./00. [PS4] Dragon Quest Heroes II (Square)  184.820
02./00. [PSV] Dragon Quest Heroes II (Square)  120.664
03./00. [PS3] Dragon Quest Heroes II (Square)  68.376 
10./10. [PSV] Minecraft (Sony)  6.335 / 780.431 (+14%)
11./06. [PSV] Powerful Pro Baseball 2016 (Konami) 5.816 / 131.889 (-14%)
15./00. [PSV] Cladun Sengoku (NIS)  4.459

On the hardware front, it seems no game can boost Vita sales by much, so another modest rise of almost exactly 4,000 seems like a pretty good week, and brings the Vita over 5 million sales on the MC chart (it went past on Famitsu a few weeks back). The PS4 shot up 7,000 to almost 25K as Overwatch and Guilty Gear also broke into the chart. 

Sales will bump along for a few more weeks with the next (possibly) major release being Persona wannabe, Caligula from Furyu out on 23 June, with the new Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma a week later.