Tiny Barbarian DX coming to consoles, Vita maybe?

Nicalis has signed a deal to publish cool indie Steam title StarQuail's Tiny Barbarian DX on console. The trouble is they aren't saying which ones, only "to be announced". Looking at the three-year old gameplay clip, I don't see anything the Vita couldn't handle, guess its just down to the economics.

Start politely badgering Nicalis if you would like to see Tiny Barbarian DX on Sony's handheld! Given Sony suggests we ask Sony to bring the iOS Uncharted mini-game to the Vita, looks like we have to do everything ourselves these days.

On offer are:
  • An epic journey offers a musclebound medley of engaging 2D platforming and 16-bit inspired pixel art, complemented by a catchy chip-tune soundtrack.
  • Fast and addictive 2D platforming: leap, grab, hang, ride and climb past a plethora of perilous platforms and pitfalls 
  • Varied swordplay: Flay enemies with savage swordplay and finish off foes by skillfully ending three-button combos with a Sword Dash, the Spinning Sword or a Ground Slam 
  • Unique locales: muscle through four distinct episodes, each spanning across various landscapes including a snake worshipping temple, the mysterious Ruins of Xanadu, an altitudinous Sinister Spire and beyond! 
  • Bad bosses: use Barbarian brutality, brains and dexterity against epic bosses. Boss battles will truly test players’ ability to master Tiny’s skills! 
  • Exclusive content: included with the game on top of the main episodes is also an additional bonus episode , The Domain of the Ice Queen!