Sony at E3, move on Vita owners, nothing to see

In the past, I used to get a little excited come E3 time, but the last year has seen Sony desperately trying to hammer that last nail in the Vita's coffin. Sony being Sony, they can't even do that properly and we lurch on as a happy indie/retro/JP loving band of gamers.

So, with a month to go until this year's big show, expect a big fat zero from Sony as it focuses on VR gaming.

The criminal shame of it is, the Vita has had a roaring year so far, with Digimon Cyber Sleuth and Trails of Cold Steel being true AAA-class games with a mighty roster of indies (Axiom Verge, Risk of Rain, Severed etc) making portable gaming truly awesome.

Sony hasn't even managed to drop one sizzle reel showing all this potential off, and refused to address concerns that Vita hardware is being withdrawn from some markets. So, it probably won't care a damn about western releases for God Eater 2, Odin Sphere, Zero Escape 3 and other games that would be widely welcomed on any platform.

Hopefully the third parties will shine a light on the Vita, with those and many more titles still to come. Since Sony's press event is at 2AM for me, I'll be tucked up in bed not giving a damn what the company says. Ultimately, the Vita will get on fine with no news or support shown at E3, but it would be still be cool for Sony to give the smallest of cares!