Pixel platformer Tower of Samsara hits Kickstarter

Things have been a bit quiet on the Kickstarter Vita front this year, is the old console just slowly drifting out of developers' plans? Whatever, here's one to back with Tower of Samsara, which my auto-correct is already calling Tower of Satsuma!
It features intense platforming and battling, environment manipulation and puzzles, choices, unique art style and online collaborative components. The game also presents a mix of lores from various philosophies - such as Buddhism, stoicism, Greek and Roman Mythology - which will resignify objects, actions, reality, life and death.
Another dinky pixel platformer, it has a €60K Vita and PS4 stretch goal, and looks like it would fit perfectly alongside Risk of Rain, it even has a soundtrack by the same muso. It could also be the first ever third-party game announced for Nintendo's NX if it gets enough backing! Get funding and check out what other Vita games you can back.

Delivery is listed as December 2018, which would make it the first Vita game listed for release that year, or even 2019 if there's porting delays.

UPDATE: Due to interest from Vita fans, the Vita version is now part of the main €42K main goal, with a €15 tier to get the portable version! 
PSVITA UPDATE: You asked, we listened! Because of all the overwhelming PlayStation fan support, the team at Martelo Nero have decided to merge the PS Vita stretch goal into our main goal! Additionally, you can now add €5 to any tier containing a digital game key to upgrade it to a PS Vita game key! We are so thankful to all of our fans, and will continue to listen to you all for feedback so we can make the best product possible.