Vita sales pipped at the Winning Post in Japan,

Perhaps the Japanese are waiting for the new firmware update and all its glorious features before buying a new Vita? Or not, either way sales, which have averaged around 23,000 per week so far this year are down to 17,150 according to the latest Media Create figures.

That's still around 20% of the market, and not bad for a quiet week with only the tiny Winning Post 8 update as a new entry. Minecraft and Hatsune Miku Diva X both sold just over 10,000 to remain in the top 10, while the horse flogging game could only sell 6,000.

Things are pretty light on the release front for the next few weeks, with a PSO2 Ep.4 physical release, One Piece Burning Blood and Jikkyou Baseball across April, the we're into the May sales dive with not much happening until Dragon Quest Heroes 2 at the end of spring.

The new predictor function I put in my spreadsheet shows the Vita likely to just nudge past last year's sales, hitting around 1,050,000. Of course, lots could happen to change that in either direction.