There's a Risk of Rain on the Vita

Hopoo's Risk of Rain has finally arrived on the PS Vita, many years after its PC launch, bringing multiplayer rogue-liking to the handheld. Packed with challenges, death, easy access multiplayer and more death, your tiny character must blast his way to victory, reaching the level's teleport device, then survive long enough to beat the boss and for the teleport to activate.

Different skills and weapons, plus a range of difficulty options really make the game a serious challenge, a shame there's no demo to try as it might not be for everyone. Should hopefully have a review up soon. There's a longer explanation of the game in an earlier piece and you can listen to the well-respected soundtrack here

Update, here's a look at the game in action on the Vita, from YouTuber ItsBradazHD, in case you were worrying about those tiny graphics.