Oswald is the latest Odin Sphere star

Oswald? Not much of a name for a hero is it? However, he definitely has a dark side to him and he's the star of the latest of the Odin Sphere Leifthrasir heroes to get an outing on video. He shows off his feisty short sword play and zippy battle tactics. Not long to wait now until the game arrives in early June.

If you couldn't already tell by his appearance, Oswald isn't quite like the rest of the characters unveiled so far. A born warrior prone to extreme violence and cruelty, but what did you expect from the most powerful soldier in the Ringford army? At first, Oswald serves Melvin, the eventual usurper of the Ringford throne, but a series of events leads him to serve Queen Odette, the ruler of the Netherworld, in exchange for a cure to a mysterious weakness.