New LucidSound wireless headphones for quality Vita audio

I love being immersed in sound when playing on my Vita, unless the game has that horribly compressed audio quality. Over the years I've gone from a cheap pair of Turtle Beach cans to a still cheap pair of Sennheisers, but am looking for something wireless, assuming my horse wins the National.
If you're in the same boat, here comes LucidSound, a new company from some of the folk behind the funky Tritton range. Available in black or white, they aren't insanely expensive and provide high quality uncompressed wireless gamer audio, 15 hour batter life, chat with microphone monitor. They work with big consoles, mobiles and the Vita or 3DS and anything that does away with miles of string has to be good.

Available at the start of May, keep an eye out for them!