New Atelier Sophie clips and pre-order DLC

Check out the introduction trailer and a battle gameplay clip to see if the charming Atelier Sophie is up your gaming alley? If so, then you might want to mark 10 June down as the Vita's digital-only release date.

Buy Atelier Sophie during her first month on sale and get an in-game bundle of useful items boosting attack (uni bag), Hit Points (sweets), or Mental Points (sotea) to give players a sneaky advantage.

In this episode, subtitled Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, players must always be aware of two elements that greatly affect successful mission completion and material harvesting: Time and Weather. The time of day and the weather conditions should be carefully considered before heading out to a mission as some monsters will only show if the time and weather are favourable.

Similarly, some necessary materials can only be harvested in specific times and weather conditions. Atelier Sophie: the Alchemist of the Mysterious Book also introduces a fatigue-based Life Point system, which can weaken attacks when a character has spent too long adventuring, gathering materials, and/or fighting without resting.