You can now import games from Amazon Japan!

Play Asia and the other importers probably are crying into their coffee this morning as Amazon Japan will now ship its titles around the world. If you want to ignore or work around the translation problems, and worry about import duties later, that means you can pick up a new Vita for £120 and games like Dragon Quest Builders or Attack on Titan from £35.

Note, there is no UK duty on anything under £135, with a 2.5% rate above that for most items. Unfortunately, you still need to create a new account, but the site now has better English support.

Also, only goods from Amazon Japan are eligible for shipping out of the country, most third party sellers do not offer the service.

Okay, the games aren't exactly cheap, but the hardware could save you some money. Unlike the last generation when I used to import PSP games and mags for the demo discs, and download direct from the Japanese PSN, there isn't quite the thrill from importing today. Still, it could be a useful avenue for some who don't want to wait for the translation and great for special editions that we never get.