UK Chart Roundup

Okay, all seems pretty quiet on the western front with little in the way of physical releases.

I like that CoD is top of the Amazon Chart for £15 and in the PSN chart at £45, who is paying those prices? Flawed or not, I'll give it a go now and with Killzone only £14, that's a lot of shooting fun for under £30.

Good to see Digimon still selling well digitally, it was top of the US and EU PSN for February! It has over 750 ratings, which suggests at least a few thousands sales. Wonder if that'll nudge Bandai into a physical release for the Next Order title.

UK Retail Chart

1. Minecraft
2. Lego Avengers
3. Lego Jurassic World
4. Persona 4 Golden
5. Killzone Mercenary

Amazon UK Top Sellers

1. Call of Duty (£15)
2. Minecraft
3. WRC 4
4. FIFA 15
5. Persona 4 Golden

Full List Here

PSN Vita Top Sellers

1. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
2. Oddworld New n Tasty
3. Call of Duty (£45)
4. Minecraft
5. Lego Marvel Avengers