Tachyon Project blasts the Vita

Already a popular PC, PS4 and Xbox game, Tachyon Project is hitting the Vita this week on PSN and should be right up the alley of anyone who likes Geometry Wars and Super Stardust. Even better news, the company's next game (scroll down) is also headed to the Vita.

The game is a story-driven, dual-stick, shooter that features:
  • 6 different weapons, 
  • 9 secondary weapons
  • 7 perks provide hundreds of possibilities for your ship
  • Over 30 different enemy types, including 4 bosses
  • Story mode comprising 10 levels, with hand-drawn cutscenes
  • Intense soundtrack developed to match the style of the game
UPDATE: Having chatted to the developer, the Vita version has lost the multiplayer modes and has seen a trim in the lighting effects, bloom post-processing and reduced backgrounds, replaced with a new low-poly shader, to get it running on the handheld. Eduardo at Eclipse has posted some Vita screens to take a peek at.

The game comes from Spanish developer Eclipse Games and they are working on a fun looking platformer, provisionally called Spheroids, that they plan to bring to the Vita, excellent news - so go support Tachyon Project and make it worth their while.