Review: Hitman Go: Definitive Edition

Oh, you cunning bastards! Just when I think Hitman Go has run out of ideas, there's always something else it throws at me. A new diversion, a new minion or puzzle forcing a tactical rethink.

For £5 (with PS+ discount), this game has made me think a whole lot more than the full length of epics like Digimon and Legend of Heroes before that - consider that when you moan about paying for a mobile port.

For those thinking "Hitman on the Vita!!!" hold your trigger finger. This is a diorama step by step puzzle game pitting you against thugs and a set of goals you need to achieve to advance, unlock later missions and gain the top trophies.

As the Definitive Edition, everything is here, no DLC. If it sells well enough then we also have to help for the similar Tomb Raider puzzler, which won a bunch of game of the year awards. So, get shopping.

Some of the missions are inspired by levels from the core games, others are just a bit of warn-up fun. Each set has a distinct feel, from bourjouis party to dusty Arab settlement. Use the right stick to free look around and then plan your moves, finding keys to open doors, cases to complete a level, weapons to even the odds and those red targets for the big-prize kill.

Fluff it up and restart is only a tap away, and then you think about using the trap doors, plantpot cover and other distractions to better solve the level. Once done, you can either retry to finish off the missing tasks, or head on to the next job.

There are plenty of trophies on offer, but you need to complete every tasks across a series of missions to rake them in, so consider that. Looking perfectly resplendent on the OLED, the game brings a subtelty and cleanliness to the art of the kill, from the board game box presentation to the mix of "no-kill" and "kill all enemies" cards for some levels that require totally different tactics.

Even with the extra content, it is a short dose of fun, but so cunningly refined that you'll soon wonder where the time went.

In short, buy it, enjoy it, kill it!

Score 7/10
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Price: £5.19 on PSN
Dev: Square Enix
Progress: Platinumed