One Million page views, murahahaha

Okay, in the scheme of the Internet, one million views is nothing. Kim Kardasian's arse can manage that in 20 minutes.

But, for a little blog about a platform few outside Japan care about, I don't think that's too bad.

All the effort of little old me and, OF COURSE, the developers and publishers, the Vita family and fans who keep the handheld rolling by buying the games, discussing it, badgering people for ports and generally not letting it die, as Sony would clearly like it to!

I've been writing a few posts a day since the PSP era, and on some good days 10 or more stories as games come in, new support arrives and some developers bow out, or Sony tries to hamstring the Vita in another way.

Now I look to the future. Beyond 2017, the major releases will likely dry up, but with indies, translation specialists, home brewers and others keeping it going, I suspect the Vita to be around until at least 2020 and maybe beyond. Pretty sure my trusty launch day until will have popped its clogs by then, so add at least one more unit to the hardware sales column.

As the news dies down, this blog might not get to 10,000 posts, or ever reach 2 million views. However, I look forward to clinging on to my little Vita, the provider of so much gaming joy, and hope you'll all stick around for the ride.

Many thanks! PSVR