Kamen Rider fights off weak competition in Japan's new chart

For once, the Vita doesn't dominate proceedings as it has in recent weeks. Instead, gamers decided to buy more of Kamen Rider Batrride War Genesis on the PS4. The big-screen version sold 33K at No. 1 over the Vita's 22K at No. 3. In a quiet week, Beyond the Sky, a girly adventure crept in at 11 with 10K sales and Brave Mortal dropped in at No. 17, selling just 7,000 copies.

Vita sales notched up another 17,300 units, which is okay for the time for year. That's still ahead of the latest 3DS model, Vita should do better next week with the new slightly cheaper Starter Kit out. There's also three decent games out tomorrow in Japan including Is the Order A Rabbit? (5pb.) Gundam Breaker (Bandai) and March Atelier Shailie Plus (Gust).

The badly bugged Kan Colle Kai dropped like a stone from No. 1 to No. 7, while Attack on Titan sold another 22K to move up to 84,000 over two weeks.