Is PlayStation Plus done on the Vita? Can Sony stop pretending it cares now

With the PlayStation Plus games list dwindling down to indies and the odd curio and hints suggesting that Sony may be dropping PS3 and Vita from the In-Game Collection. Is the end nigh for cheap games on the Vita?

It doesn't really make much difference, for the Vita to continue as a going concern, games from major publishers need to be full-priced to generate revenue. Indies developers need higher level prices to make it worth publishing on the Vita, none of which is conducive to the "here, have some free games" motif of PS+.

So, its no great loss, but like the closure of the PSP store in the US, the end of Vita TV and the loss of apps, it will be seen as another bit of bad news for the usual sites to draft yet more scare stories for the handheld.

Realistically, Sony should just put its hands up and (outside of Japan) go "yep, we're done here!" That would save everyone a lot of trouble and open the Vita up as the 2011-era box of fun it was. The current limbo state, plagued by over-priced memory cards (still) and few western games goes away.

Fans and owners can stick around the fun Vita family like many retro-gamers still cling to their Dreamcasts, all the way down to 8-bit computers and NES games. I think it would remove any last pretence that Sony still cares and free the system up from any last hope of expectation.

The one saving grace, no PS+ means no stupid huge list of non-compatible games appearing at the top of the Download History on the Vita's PSN store app - something over all the years Sony couldn't be bothered to fix, showing just how much they care.