How successful are new PSN releases?

Okay, since Sony doesn't do sales figures, and forbids developers from revealing them, and neither does the UK's ChartTrack or any other chart company, except in Japan, here's a quick hack at some PSN data.

Just for fun, take the number of reviews (the five star rating game buyers tick on PSN) and divide by the number of days on sale for the latest new releases. That gives us a glimpse of what's popular. Please note, I am not a statistician! And, remember folks, please rate your PSN purchases!

I'll dig around to find a typical digital vs physical sales ratio, along with a "people who rate games" percentage, and then we should get some rough sales figures. If anyone knows or has a link to these figures, do let me know!

Apart from the staggering success for Digimon, respect goes to Croixleur Sigma for its performance. Otherwise it seems big brands do only modestly better than some of the better indies.

Of course, I'm not listing the star rating here, while Blast 'Em Bunnies looks pretty good, it only gets a 2.5 star average, so buyer beware!

For reference, Digimon has 825 ratings (which I'm praying don't include the PS4 version) and the brand new Samurai Warriors has just the 2.

Doing the same for the Vita PSN's current top seller list, Minecraft goes way off the chart, so nothing else shows up. If I trim it back (add another 100 for its actual popularity), we get Fez and Digimon in hot pursuit with games going back to the Vita's early days showing various legs:

To be continued:

From this base, I can figure out:
  • Updated ratings per week to show continued popularity vs died-on-launch.
  • Rough sales figures based on a little maths.
  • Trends and omens.
  • How cross I should be that I didn't start counting ratings when Sony added them to PSN!
  • Do these numbers represent EU sales only or go across western PSN stores?