Four indie games that may roll to Vita

Having an up-early-on-the-weekend trawl of the Indie DB database has revealed a few games, new to me, that are listed as having Vita versions, although who knows?  I'll chase the developers to see what the chances are. If you nudge them on social media, politely tell them we'd love to see a Vita version!

In order of likelihood, we have Stupid Stones, a colourful shooter from Sweden, due out in the autumn. Coming to Steam first but the Halvarsson Games team want to bring it to the Vita.

Currently on Steam, but with a Vita mention is Endica series, which looks eminently achievable on the handheld. However, developer Dream Within does list every format on the planet as a target, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

UPDATE: The Endica team are waiting for approval from Sony, but are very keen to get the game on the Vita.

Possibly the most advanced game of this batch is Hive Wars, a 3D insect combat game, so kudos for the original angle. Developed by Third World Pixel, I'd be impressed if this ran on the Vita in a decent state.

Lastly, Blacksea Odyssey looks like the most ambitious of the bunch, their original Kickstarter mentioned a Vita version if the game was successful, so lets hope it does really well on Steam.

If you see any new indies out there, or if you're a developer and want a mention, let us know!