Vita TV killed off in Japan

Not 100% sure on this, but apparently the Vita TV has been killed off in Japan by Sony. With poor sales that were in the few hundred a week since its spectacular launch in November 2013 (largely driven by the God Eater limited edition helping it sell 42,000 on debut, it has been downhill all the way.

The odd thing is, having written down the value of the Vita TV (PlayStation TV in the west), there was no pressure on Sony to kill the product, which might have been a neat little Remote Play box for the growing number of PS4 owners out there. Sure, there's growing competition from micro consoles like the new Apple TV and Nvidia Shield, which have a steady stream of games arriving, plus other devices, but no reason to fold.
It looks like the price on Amazon has already shot back up. Not sure how long the dinky Vita boxes will last on western shelves so plan to pick up one, purely in case I decide to do any YouTubing off it in future.

I could write chapters about how Sony missold, mismarketed and missedthedamnpoint with the Vita TV over here, but not much need really. Even in Japan it was sold in limited editions with no game (like Yakuza) and other crazed concepts.

RIP little fella, we never really knew you at all!



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  3. To me, the main point of PSTV is being able to easily capture Vita games without having to butcher your handheld (and spending a fair bit of money on that, mind you). Not sure if you considered that as its big feature, to be honest.


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