Minecraft over a million in Japan, have another starter kit?

Sony Japan, out of games and ideas, has thrown up another starter kit for the few Japanese gamers who feel the need to get started with a five year old system.

Available in aqua blue or glacier white, its a Vita in a box, with a 16GB card, for just under 20,000 yen. No download games, no PSN subscription, no nothing. On the positive side, it also announced that Minecraft sales in Japan are over a million, with over 650,000 boxed units.
Sony tries to drum up interest by mentioning that Dragon Quest Builders and Attack on Titan will be big sellers, wow, really? While promising to support the Vita further, despite stopping all development on any new games.
"SCEJA will continue to promote the expansion and the further spread of the PS Vita platform."
 Cheeky, Sony, very cheeky! Check out the JP page here. The new units are apparently limited editions, and slightly cheaper than when getting a Vita and 16GB card separately, out at the start of March.

Looking at various comments, even the Japanese are fed up with the overpriced memory cards, and are demanding a new HD Vita.