Happy fourth Birthday to my UK Vita

Four years ago, the PlayStation Vita came to the UK, and I rushed out to pick one up. As is well known, it has sold "some", since Sony quit on it in the west last year. Who knows how many are out there across Europe in active use? (From the archives, the Vita sold 61,000 units in the UK at launch)

All I know is that the few friends who did buy one, and stuck with it, still enjoy the Vita immensely. Sure, there were those who only got one for the much-promised-barely-turned-up-then-buggered-off-big-name-franchises, and left disappointed.

This blog has been a celebration of those many ups and downs, but given all the post-launch doom and gloom, I'm both impressed and surprised to believe it (both Vita and the blog) have a couple more years in them yet.

If we're allowed a couple of Vita birthday wishes to Sony and other relevant parties...
  • The Netflix app for Europe please.
  • A firmware update for automated Twitter screenshot sharing.
  • Release the source code for the Uncharted and Killzone engines! 
What would your birthday Vita wish be?
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As for that Vita, all pixels still functioning, battery still doing well, sticks still intact, many journeys survived - truly a top piece of engineering.