Battleships and Titans win for Vita in Japan's Media Create chart

Once again, the Vita manages to get the drop on its bigger PS4 cousin, by outselling the shinier version of Tecmo's Attack on Titan. The Vita managed 62,111 compared to the PS4's 61,156. But there's a big shocker at the top with the delayed and reportedly heavily bugged Kan Colle Kai (scoring 27% in reader reviews according to 4Gamer).

It took the No. 1 spot with over 140,000 sales. Does make me wonder if more mobile/IAP games will head to Vita based on that plus what are likely to be big digital download figures.

Flipping things around, Square's RPG Setsuna Sacrifice and Snow is more successful on the big screen console, selling 33.6K on the PS4 to the Vita's 28K. Dragon Quest Builders sticks in the top 10 with another 13K sales taking it to 262K on Vita.

In the mix of new entries is Street Fighter V on PS4 at No. 4. It only sold 42K copies and has a 20% user rating, ouch! Hope Capcom weren't counting on that for any profit. Time to reconsider Monster Hunter on Vita chaps?

On the hardware front, the new games haven't had as much of an impact on Vita sales as DQ Builders, with the Vita selling 22,191 this week, behind the PS4, but ahead of the 3DS. There was a Can Kolle Kai limited edition version, but that hardly sounds like a must-have item.

Sales for the PS4 have now passed 2.5 million in Japan, With the vita over 4.76 million.

Next week sees Atelier Shallie and Gundam Breaker 3 hit the stores, which may struggle to get high up the chart.  Last week's figures here.