Axiom Verge Vita version "really quite close"

UPDATE: A new tweet (1oth March) suggests we can expect news in the next couple of days.

Good news on the fourth birthday of the EU Vita, Tom Happ and co developing it have a blog post with the latest news. The upshot is, most of the bugs have been squashed and it is running on the Vita.
So here’s the good news: the game is ported. It runs and is playable! Anyone who has worked on a porting project can tell you that that represents the biggest hurdle. Going from ported game to polished and shippable ported game is much easier than going from non-ported game to ported game. In fact, one of the reasons I couldn’t give a status update on the port before was that there was nothing to show. It was all plumbing and wiring. It’s only when you get everything hooked up and hit the switch that it goes from 0-100 pretty much overnight.
No release date, but I'm looking very forward to this immensely! Note that Limited Run is keen on getting us a physical version, if there's the time, budget and interest from the developer!


  1. Hey Limited Run Games here with just a slight correction - we'd like to do a physical edition if the developer is interested in working with us. The interest is clearly there and the budget is no problem for us. It'd take the developer only a few hours of work and we'd handle pretty much everything else. We're big fans of the game so it is high up on our personal list of games we'd love to help with. We just can't do anything unless the developer is interested.

    1. Amendment to that - the interest from fans in having this exist is there. The developer has not expressed any interest yet.


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