Attack on Titan in action on the Vita

Quite a few clips popping up in Japan now of Tecmo's game in action. Really curious to see if the Vita version will outsell the clearly higher fidelity PS4 edition. Or will, like Dragon Quest Builders, the Vita version annoy Sony (who are only showing off the PS4 version, pretending the Vita one doesn't exist) immensely by selling better.

This YouTuber has a couple of clips up. Its clear to see lots of faded textures, popping in and out and generally looking like mud. There also seems to be none, or a lot less destruction of buildings - surely one of the key selling points.

The whole problem I have with this game is I don't really fancy amputating endless dumb-looking giants, causing unnecessary suffering and trauma. Especially ones that look like placeholder graphics. Give me giant mechanoids, space aliens any day - this just seems pretty sad.

In-game action starts around 10 minutes in on this one, at least the cut scenes look cool.