Vita sold a million in Japan over 2015

The Vita just made it over the 1 million line in the last week of Japan's year, according to Media Create sales figures. The Vita sold over 74,000 in the holiday week, outselling the PS4 and around the fourth best week of sales since the handhelds launch in 2011.

Globally, Sony just announced it sold 5.7 million units during the 2015 holiday season, reaching 35.9 million units globally as of January 3, 2016.

The Vita sold 1,005,000 more or less down 160K on 2014, and 200K less than the rising PS4 in 2015, but still a number that's pretty significant.

It also outsold all the 3DS models except the new 3DSLL, which managed 1.5 million. As usual, there will be a rapid dive across January, but expect Dragon Quest Builders at the end of the month, and Kan Colle Kai and DoA Extreme 3 in February to help shift big numbers early in the year.

One question, what could should 2016's chart line be?