Ys VIII arriving on Vita summer 2016, Tokyo Xanadu should come west

Falcom's Japanese event concluded early this morning and the very useful @EndlessHistory (well worth a follow) has kept the world on top of events. The key news is a new Ys RPG, number eight, landing next year in Japan, subtitled Lacrimosa of Dana. It will ship on PS4, Vita and PS TV. This was teased a long time ago, and the last game to come west, Ys Celceta, did pretty well.

The early art on the site shows a very pretty city, some typical RPG terrain and some oversize monsters to deal some hefty damage to. Set on Mediterranean style islands, it will also feature developing your own villages plus some new defences (presumably not cowering in fear like the chap above).

Also of interest during the event was news that Tokyo Xanadu had sold over 150,000, well above expectations and that they are looking at a western release. Also, the game will probably pick up a sequel or continuation.

Finally, Sen no Kiseki III (Legend of Heroes) is in development, but no formats announced yet.