SAO Hollow Realization splits for a western release

Bandai Namco so owns the Vita, in fact I'm going to replace the Sony logo with Bandai's on the blog logo (when I get a second). The latest translation is Sword Art Online Hollow Realization, announced today and bringing the latest SAO team monster battling and RPG to the west.

All of which means Bandai has pretty half of the biggest Vita western releases next year, with SAO, God Eater(s), Gundam(s) and more. Tecmo's Attack on Titan, Square's World of Final Fantasy and Falcom's Tokyo Xanadu will make it a great year if you love your Japanese games.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization takes place in one of the stages set within the original Sword Art Online. Taking on the role of Kirito, players enter a new VRMMORPG world called “Sword Art Origin”, which was created on the game’s original sever, giving players flashbacks of memories from past events. Players will enter the early period within the “Sword Art Origin” world and must find a way to win the game one more time.